Getting Started


Registration is necessary before you can buy and sell on the StockVins platform.  Click on the “Register” button on the top right of the site to begin.  Your email address will be used as your Login Name and you will need to validate your email in order to complete registration.

Payment Setup

In order to buy and bid for wines, you first need to add your credit card to your StockVins account.  When you use the “Buy Now” function to buy wines, 20% of the total purchase price will be charged to your credit card immediately.  When you make bids on the platform, 20% of the bid value will be reserved on your credit card as bid deposit (not charged), and if a trade is matched, the amount will then be charged to your credit card.

Payout Setup

When you sell your wines on StockVins, once the transaction is completed, we will make payment to you within 7 business days.  The payment will be transferred directly into your bank account.

Address Setup

Set up your address so that we can deliver wines to you.  You can set up multiple addresses on your account.