Getting Started

How It Works

StockVins is a real-time fine wine trading and valuation platform that lets everyone to buy & sell high provenance great wines in low commission. Explore local and oversea offers to create your Portfolio with us. Enjoy professional storage, smart management, delivery, and more with StockVins Cellar.

Guide for Buyer

Bid/Buy You can make a bid and let StockVins to do the matching for you; or directly make your purchase if the lowest offer is at your target price.

Provenance Check After a deal is closed, StockVins will check the provenance of the stock before shipping to you. You never have to worry about the source of the wine.

Collection/Cellar Service You will be notified once the provenance check is done, and you can either use our partnering courier to enjoy same day delivery or use our cellar service to keep your wine, both in low cost.

Guide for Seller

Ask/Sell You can list a wine for sale and let StockVins to do the matching for you; or directly sell your collection at the highest bid at the platform.

Provenance Check After a trade is matched, you ship your wine to us within 2 working days and provide the purchase record or any other related information and we will do the provenance check.

Safe and Speedy Pay-out After the provenance check is done, we will charge the balance from the buyer, and within 7 working days after the payment is paid up, we will release the funds to you. You just need to lay back and collect your money.