About StockVins

StockVins is an online fine wine trading platform that provides an efficient, Stock-Market-style bid and offer system that cuts out the middleman in order to maximize value to users.

We incorporate the best-practice order management, payment processing, and logistics services to the wine trading community.

StockVins is developed and based in Hong Kong, Asia’s premier wine trading hub.

Why StockVins?

StockVins is basically what it tells from its name - a stock market for vin (“wine” in French). We are the pioneer of real-time bid-and-ask wine trading platform in Hong Kong. StockVins offers a hassel-free trading experience to buyers and sellers. With StockVins, a large pool of fine wine offers and important trade information can easily be accessed online 24x7.

You can say goodbye to those lousy spreadsheets of quotations or visit store by store to look for what you want, as StockVins gives you everything you need to trade wine.

Payments to StockVins

StockVins Bank Information
Account NameStockVins Technology Limited
Account Number023-834377-838
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
Account NameStockVins Technology Limited
Account Number012-704-2-006416-9