Delivery Service

STOCKVINS provides local, cross-border and global delivery services, so that you don't have to worry about storage and logistics.

Delivery Service for STOCKVINS Exchange

After a trade is matched and the required payment is settled, your wines will be delivered to our facility for inspection.

You will receive a ready to release notification via email or phone call when all payments are settled and the wines are ready. By then and within 30 days upon receiving the notice, you can pick up the order at our Pickup Center for free.

You can also order a delivery for single or bulk items in the Delivery section of My Dashboard, which is subject to a fee.

Delivery Fees

Delivery Fee
Hong Kong Island
Kowloon & New Territories

We do not deliver to the following locations: Any address outside Hong Kong, airport areas, terminals, logistics companies/centers, warehouses with gate charge/entry fee, receiving departments, hotels, concierges, or outlying islands.

If there is no elevator, our courier reserves the right to decline such delivery and any paid delivery fee will not be refunded, or customers may required to pick up the wines in an appointed location (e.g. ground floor of "Tong Lau").

For UK offers, an extra shipping fee of HKD 300 will be charged for every case of 3 or fewer bottles. Such fee will be included in the Remaining Balance.

There will be a storage fee of HKD 4 per bottle per month if customers fail to pick up the order or arrange for delivery within 30 days upon receiving the ready to release notice. A partial day will be charged as a full month. All wines will only be released upon such payment is paid in full.

StockVins reserves the right to amend such rates or the terms and conditions without prior notice.

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