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    Security and Protection for Buyers

    Buying and bidding on STOCKVINS Exchange is secure and protected.

    Buy Now or Bid in Real-time

    You can buy wines at the lowest offer price through Buy Now, or match offers by placing a bid. Thanks to our advanced matching engine, all tradings happen in real-time.

    Low Commission

    We charge a low commission as low as 4.5% when you purchase on STOCKVINS Exchange. This commission is charged on the trade executed price. Big news! The buyer’s commission is now waived.

    Flexibility in Payments

    Flexibility is great. When you Buy Now, you can choose to pay the full payment or settle for a 20% deposit upfront. Likewise, you only need to pay a 20% deposit when you place a bid.
    Thanks to the STOCKVINS Wallet feature, it gives you extra flexibility when arranging payments.

    Secured Payments

    Your online payments are secure and encrypted thanks to the Stripe service, a widely adopted state-of-the-art payment gateway. We do not collect your credit card information.

    Anonymous to Sellers

    Tradings on STOCKVINS Exchange are anonymous to both parties. The security of your information is guaranteed.

    Original Route Money-back Guarantee

    Are your wines defective or not as described? No worries! You are eligible to receive refunds sent back to the original route.

    Strict Seller and Authenticity Requirements

    In the interest of security, dealers on our platform must follow a strict set of rules. Before dealers can sell on our platform, they must provide us with their identification, business register entry, business address, etc. Furthermore, we require all dealers to follow our strict dealer guidelines. We have established a credibility score for our sellers that takes their fulfillment performance and authenticity into account.

    Quality Checking & Insured Shipments

    Every wine you purchase on the platform will first arrive at STOCKVINS and undergo a series of basic quality checks. You can choose to pick it up or have it received by our worry-free insured shipping.

    Buyer's Guide

    Buy or Bid on STOCKVINS

    Buy Now

    When you purchase wines with "Buy Now", 20% of the total purchase price will be charged to your credit card as soon as the transaction is made.  The remaining 80% of the total purchase price will need to be settled by bank transfer to us within 7 business days.


    Whenever you make a bid for a wine, 20% of your bid price will be reserved on your credit card as bid deposit (not charged).  When your BID is accepted, this 20% will be charged to your credit card immediately.  The remaining 80% will need to be settled by bank transfer within 7 business days.

    Shipping Time of Overseas Offers

    Overseas offers usually has a longer handling time after a trade is matched as the wines will have to be shipped to STOCKVINS for inspection before making it ready to release. This process takes 3 to 5 weeks. Please look the the description on the offer page and when you are checking out.

    Free Temporary Storage

    After a trade is matched and the payment is paid in full, your wines will be delivered to our facility for inspection. You will receive a ready to release notification via email or phone call when all payments are settled and the wines are ready. By then and within 30 days upon receiving the notice, you can pick up the order at our Pickup Center for free.

    Request for Photos

    You may request for photos of the wine you wish to buy, it can be arranged in most cases but it is not a guarantee. Wines marked with Special Condition (SC) already have photos ready for download on the offer description page. Photo taking requires additional fees. Please feel free contact our support.


    Where can I find the Bank Transfer information?

    Please visit this page for bank transfer information.

    What is Payment Due?

    This is the remaining amount you must pay after we have confirmed that the seller has sent us the wine you purchased. You can view your outstanding payments in the "Payments Due" section of your account dashboard.

    Can I refund?

    When your bid failed to match any offer, or you initiated a successful refund, the fund will be returned to you by sending it back via the original route or returned to your wallet depending on different cases.

    Generally, we do not offer refunds after confirmation of receipt of the item.

    What should I do if I want to return an item?

    Once an item is passed to you, checked, and accepted. We will have no legal obligation to accept returns.

    If you find problems upon receiving the items at pick-up or from delivery, please refuse from accepting them. Please let our staff knows and contact our support team to verify. We will then document and confirm that you made a valid return request, and keep you updated along the way.

    What is the difference between Buy Now and Bid?

    As a Buyer, you may browse through our extensive list of offers or search for wines using our search engine. If you would like to purchase wines at the offered price, you can click on the "Buy Now" button to complete the purchase immediately. If you wish to bid at a price that is lower than what is offered, you can click on the "Place Bid" button and enter your bid price and quantity.

    How to setup payment?

    To facilitate secure and smooth transactions in the future, users can choose to tie their personal bank account to a STOCKVINS wallet to add value to their account, make transactions and withdraw funds anytime, anywhere.

    Please go to My Dashboard and then Payment Methods and set up credit card payment via Stripe.

    After successful confirmation, you will be able to bind your bank or credit card account to the STOCKVINS wallet.

    Why there are deposit and remaining payments on STOCKVINS?

    StockVins offers thousands of stocks from over a hundred overseas and local authentic suppliers.

    There are a few reasons for charging a 20% deposit first.

    1. As a platform, StockVins is committed to securing the offer.
    2. After you buy or bid on a wine from the exchange market, the item will send to us for the final check.
    3. We want to make sure your liquidity can be benefited from the mechanism.
    How do transaction fees work?

    We charge a small transaction fee of 4.5% on every transaction.

    If you are bidding a wine instead of BUY NOW, the transaction fee will be charged together with the remaining payment according to the final trade amount.

    GOOD NEWS: Starting 8 Oct 2020, we will launch a big promotion for everyone. The buyer's commission is now 0%.

    What I should know about delivery?

    If you have successfully authenticated your address registration (see "Address Registration" for details), you will be able to quickly select a shipping address after each transaction is completed.

    You may also request individual items from your wine collection list to be delivered to your home, for which you will be charged an additional shipping fee. Customs duties may also apply to these items as appropriate.

    How to set up shipping addresses?

    You can add your shipping address in the Addresses section of My Dashboard.

    What payment methods are available?

    You can either pay by credit card or bank transfer. Your payment will be processed by Stripe if you pay by credit card.

    You can also choose to add value to your STOCKVINS wallet by clicking on "Account Settings", selecting "Payment Settings" and clicking "Add Value" to add value to your STOCKVINS wallet with a minimum of HKD 5000 per add value.

    Our support team is always available to help ensure the entire purchasing process runs smoothly.

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