Buying demand: Asia in focus

Bordeaux, a region with a strong following globally but particularly amongst Chinese buyers, continues to dominate – Lafite Rothschild and Mouton Rothschild remain firm favourites. But as the market has continued to diversify, wine merchants in Asia have been increasingly embracing wines from Italy, Champagne, and the Rest of the World (which hit a record market share in August this year), with Sassicaia, Opus One and Cristal making an appearance in the top twenty.

在全球 COVID 的動盪下, 優質葡萄酒帶來穩定

在Covid-19繼續在全球蔓延下,上周全球股市遭受嚴重打擊。然而,如上表所示,優質葡萄酒卻一直相對穩定。 由於優質葡萄酒與股票市場的相關性較低,它的價格變動相對較慢,通常主要受供需影響。在過去的三個月,由於內部(葡萄酒關稅)和外部(Covid-19)因素影響,雖然葡萄酒價格出現波動,但卻全沒有恐慌性的拋售跡象。相反,長期買家卻在期待可能出現的實惠選擇。

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