StockVins Announces Collaboration with SenseTime and Launch of AI Solution for Wine Management

StockVins is proud to announce its collaboration with SenseTime (0020.HK), a leading AI software company. This strategic partnership brings together StockVins' deep expertise in the wine industry and SenseTime's cutting-edge AI algorithm capabilities to revolutionize the way we experience and manage wine.

Bordeaux 2020 weather and harvest report

Bordeaux 2020 “ended up being a really good but variable year with wines of outstanding potential for many Bordeaux estates” according to Bordeaux grower, winemaker and writer, Gavin Quinney. He summarises everything you need to know about this year’s harvest.

Parker’s "Magical 20" in 2020

Nine years ago, Robert Parker unveiled the twenty Bordeaux wines he would be tasting at Winefuture in Hong Kong. Dubbed “The Magical 20”, these wines, as described by Parker were from “estates that produce wines of first growth quality, although not technically first growths”. For him, these were consequently “under-valued and very smart acquisitions”.

Bordeaux 2018: risers and fallers

The Union Des Grand Crus De Bordeaux are holding their annual tasting today and tomorrow in London, presenting the wines of the 2018 vintage.

Buying demand: Asia in focus

Bordeaux, a region with a strong following globally but particularly amongst Chinese buyers, continues to dominate – Lafite Rothschild and Mouton Rothschild remain firm favourites. But as the market has continued to diversify, wine merchants in Asia have been increasingly embracing wines from Italy, Champagne, and the Rest of the World (which hit a record market share in August this year), with Sassicaia, Opus One and Cristal making an appearance in the top twenty.

What influences the price of wine?

There is a long list of factors that influence the price of wine and, in some cases, make it investment-worthy: current market strength, the region, the popularity of the producer, critic scores, the general appeal of the vintage, scarcity, age, history, branding and more...

Report extract: An outlook for Bordeaux 2019

Bordeaux’s pricing of new releases has historically shown little correlation to the movements of the physical market. Release prices have instead been influenced by quality and quantity considerations and the critical view.

Top 5 wine trends to know for collectors

Bordeaux remains the cornerstone of the world of fine wine, but if your cellar is no longer packed full of Bordeaux, you’re not alone.

Italian Wines at the time of COVID-19

The impact of the Coronavirus on the world economy and finance can also be seen strong in the Liv-Ex indexes, which accelerate a downward race already seen throughout 2019 and in the first weeks of this unlucky 2020.

Champagne and Italy, the secondary market for fine wines in 2020

Italy and Champagne offer the best investment opportunities; the ever-strong demand for iconic Burgundy labels will lead to growing interest in second-tier producers and the region’s most promising companies.

How Sassicaia 2017 reflects Sassicaia not the vintage’s heat

By any stretch of the imagination Sassicaia 2017 is a remarkable achievement – born out of some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded in Tuscany and yet being a wine of great freshness, elegance and precision.

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