Buying demand: Asia in focus

Bordeaux, a region with a strong following globally but particularly amongst Chinese buyers, continues to dominate – Lafite Rothschild and Mouton Rothschild remain firm favourites. But as the market has continued to diversify, wine merchants in Asia have been increasingly embracing wines from Italy, Champagne, and the Rest of the World (which hit a record market share in August this year), with Sassicaia, Opus One and Cristal making an appearance in the top twenty.

Italian Wines at the time of COVID-19

The impact of the Coronavirus on the world economy and finance can also be seen strong in the Liv-Ex indexes, which accelerate a downward race already seen throughout 2019 and in the first weeks of this unlucky 2020.

How Sassicaia 2017 reflects Sassicaia not the vintage’s heat

By any stretch of the imagination Sassicaia 2017 is a remarkable achievement – born out of some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded in Tuscany and yet being a wine of great freshness, elegance and precision.

西施佳雅 Sassicaia 2017 年在英國發佈

多个西施佳雅的近年份价格一直稳定上涨,最新的2017年份也不例外。于周五早上在英国发行,每箱(12×75)价格为1,700英镑,比2016年份的发行价涨了25%。2016年份自取得100满分(Wine Advocate 的Monica Larner)后,随即涨价80%。根据Wine Advocate,2017年份是由于产量下降而涨价。

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